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Las NochesEdit


"It's just a few flowers, what's the worst that could happen?"Edit

Dr. Yoshi posts a request on the newly built bulletin board asking any and all Shinigami who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty to report to his lab marked 36b. Anyone who showed up was given the task to fetch a rare flower from a region outside the Seireitei in order to develop a healing salve.

  • Hotaru Tachibana - Hotaru was given the task of retrieving a "Dragon Bud" which would be used to amplify the healing powers of the Healing Salve.
  • Rie Minori - Rie was given the task to retrieve a "Venom Rose" to be used as a dispersing agent for the healing salve.



Non-Player Characters (NPCs)Edit


A hooded figure most commonly seen at points of conflict or battle writing in a large tome. Little is known about this figure, even their gender remains a mystery.

Yoshitoki MatsuoEdit

Yoshitoki Matsuo, or Dr. Yoshi as he's prefers to be called, is an amateur scientist that work's within the walls of the Seireitei. He was first encountered after asking for assistance in collecting several rare flowers. Usually seen wearing a white lab coat and glasses so thick you'd think he's blind. His hair is a dark black and usually messy and stands at a relatively average height. Dr. Yoshi is actually quite intelligent even though he lacks tact when talking to anyone which shows in nearly every interaction he has. Yoshitoki is also obsessed that there are spies everywhere and ends up looking very paranoid, even though there is no indication of there being spies anywhere.

Striker HiryuEdit

A member of the Striker Clan, he was first met by Aiku Buruhanta when trying to retrieve a frost lotus. Hiryu tends to value honor very highly, but in a world such as this he rarely expects it, but in the rare times it is expressed, Hiryu will return it in stride giving respect to any opponent he faces. He fights using high speed attacks and techniques while utilizing ranged weapons to overwhelm opponents and avoid danger. His main form of attack seems to be a rieatsu powered energy bound to his right arm which he uses to fire condensed reishi into shards of energy to rip and tear into opponents like kunai.


A young girl dressed in various different garbs who was first met by Aisaka Eto when she stole the Bolt Blossoms Aisaka was trying to collect.

Groups & OrganizationsEdit

Striker ClanEdit

A mysterious clan of ninja that utilize strange Reiatsu based weapons. Their objective or motives are unknown.


  • Striker Hiryu

Creatures & MonstersEdit

Venus RoseEdit

A rare creature most commonly found in jungles. Venus Roses are born when a carnivorous plant drinks too much blood from Spiritually strong beings. Most commonly born on battlefields the Venus Rose continues to thirst for life and usually takes the form of a beautiful woman to lure men to their death. Each Venus Rose incorporates different self defense tactics and may even use the weapons of her victims to help defend itself.


A sub-species of Dragon, Wyvern are much less deadly than their fully developed counter parts but tend to be much more aggressive. Wyvern come in a variety of species with their own abilities but most commonly using fire as a self-defense mechanism. When defeated, Wyvern turn to ash which itself is a valuable resource.