1. PG-13

Mature subjects are to be treated as such, and handled with care, but absolutely no sexual images, and nudes of characters. You will be asked to remove them. If you do not, they will be removed for you and your page will be locked. There is no roleplaying sex here, either. Do that in PM's on Reddit, for the love of God.

2. Stay Respectful

Insulting other members will not be tolerated. Settle your differences like adults. This applies not only to the subs, but also the IRC, Mumble, comments sections on pages, etc. Be civil and don't stoop to insults to try and win an argument. If an argument occurs, be reasonable and don't get upset and throw poop at each other. If anyone comments on a page something like, "lol ur character is stupid," this person will receive a smack from the banhammer.


Anyone, ANYONE caught vandalizing a page will receive an automatic, permanent IP ban with no warnings and no appeals. Vandalism WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

What constitutes vandalism? Any edit by someone who is not the page's creator, that has a negative effect on the page, is vandalism.

If someone simply puts a line in at the bottom of a page, "I <3 Azumi!" And doesn't fuck with anything else, that is not vandalism, because it doesn't have a negative effect on the page.

However, if someone replaces every header with the word "Penis" or puts "Azumi likes dicks" in the trivia section, that is vandalism and you will be perma banned. Doesn't matter if it's a joke. 

4. Categories

Please do not put pages into Categories. There is a specific system and premade Categories for pages to be added too.


Q: Can I do regular RP here?

A: Yes, but why would you?

Q: I don't know how to wiki, can the admins do it for me?

A: Yes, you need only ask. Please supply information like height, weight, zanpakuto, appearance description, personality description, birthday, etc.

Q: Someone vandalized my page. Wat do?

A: Contact an admin ASAP, and we'll fix it for you.