Tsuneo Ito (伊藤恒雄)
Nickname Tsu
Status Alive
Reddit Username TsuneoIto
Personal Information
Race Shinigami
Birthday January 12
Gender Male
Height 10'10'
Weight 556 lbs
Blood Type O+
Family Farming family (deceased), Uncle (alive)
Alignment Chaotic Good
Professional Information
Base of Operations Seireitei
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Division ?
Position ?
Partner ?
Release Command Rising sun, do the honour of granting atonement for the vengeance of the righteous, show the path to the heavenly blade; and strike!
Shikai Sayuri Yatagarasu (小百合八咫烏 lit.,Orange Lily, Three-Legged Crow)
Bankai Not Yet Achieved
Sealed Weapon Katana
Tsuba shape Dark Orange Lily pattern


Name: Tsuneo Ito 伊藤恒雄

Nicknames: Tsu

Age: 40 (chron) appears 25

D.O.B: 12 January

Race: Shinigami


Blood Type:O+



Weight: 556 lbs

Hair: Long mousey brownish blond. Tied back pony tail, short at front.

Eyes: Green

Skin: Tanned Caucasian.

Body type: Muscular build, broad.

Tsuneo is very tall and muscular, exceedingly so. He has light stubble around his face and high prominent cheekbones. He has many scars from his academy days on his body. He wears a standard Shihakushō with the sleeves rolled to elbow length. He also wears a scarf of orange lily pattern.


He is hot headed and loves the thrill of battle. This is counterpointed by his love of poetry and word play. He enjoys sparring, drinking and spending time in the barracks. He is however a kind hearted person, and is very aware of respecting his team mates. He can be slightly heavy handed in combat.


Sparring. No Plays. World poetry. Word play. Meeting new Academy students. Training. Kobe Beef Steak. Sashimi. The smell of tilled soil. Whisky


Kido, Pompous Noble Families, Nori. Tempur

Aspirations Edit

To one day be captain.


Raised in Rukongai by humble farmers in an outer district called the Ryu District. Tsuneo had a happy childhood, but would always get into trouble as a child for getting into scraps. One year, an unknown group of spiritual beings  attacked his district; resulted in the whole of district being incinerated for unknown reasons. Luckily Tsuneo was out fishing with his Uncle at the time. Both angered and distraught, his Uncle taught Tsuneo basic fighting techniques and sent him to learn at the Academy. Tsuneo swore to one day defeat the person responsible for the decision, and ask them to apologise through bloodied teeth.

At the Academy, Tsuneo grew to love fighting and bloodshed, and despite his good will, almost gains pleasure from cutting down opponent. Tsuneo made little friends because of his violent tendencies in practices, despite meaning well socially.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Sayuri Yatagarasu (小百合八咫烏 lit.,Orange Lily, Three-Legged Crow). In its sealed state, it is a Dark Orange binding on hilt. Eyes and lilies on the tsuba. Regular length katana.

Inner World Edit

Sayuri Yatagarasu’s inner world is an old inn midst a jungle of small white marble obelisks. In the Inn resides Sayuri Yatagarasu’s spirit, a young looking spirit with a male appearance, three cones of red hair and a muscular build. Clad in a red and orange poncho with beige rags as trousers, he is taller than even Tsuneo. He is laid back and amicable in nature. He teaches Tsuneo his ways by praying with him to the sun.

Shikai Edit

Release command:Rising sun, do the honour of granting atonement for the vengeance of the righteous, show the path to the heavenly blade; and strike: Sayuri Yatagarasu!

Shikai Appearance: Hilt and Tsuba remain unchanged, the blade is now composed of the sun’s plasma at high temperatures, the higher his SEI the higher the temperature. It is white in appearance with a slight red/orange tint. It is extremely bright. The heat given off by his Zanpakuto means that an opponent with more than 12 REI less than Tsuneo would collapse in his vicinity.

First Ability: Yōmeidanā

Name Yōmeidanā (照明弾唖唖 lit. Flare Caw)
Type Energy/Offensive
Cost Medium
Range         Short-Mid

An augmented slash that releases a sudden burst of solar energy from the blade resulting in a bursting wave of plasma that inflicts medium  damage and harms the opponent for the subsequent 4 turns as a result of dangerous radiation. Damage based on BUK and SEI stat. Blocked if BUK more than 5 greater than Tsuneo. 1 turn cool down.

Yōmeidanā - Damage Calculations

BUK/SEI [average] difference Damage
5 or more greater than Tsuneo Very Low
2-4 greater than Tsuneo Low
1 less, the same or 1 greater than Tsuneo Low-Mid
2-5 less than Tsuneo High-Mid
6-8 less than Tsuneo High
8 or more less than Tsuneo Devastating

Second Ability: Higasasu Kyūkōka (LOCKED) Edit

Name Higasasu Kyūkōka   (日射急降下 lit. Shine Swoop)
Type Energy/Offensive
Cost High
Range         Long

Sayuri Yatagarasu creates a large cloud of solar plasma in the sky surrounding Tsuneo sized 150 square meters when Tsuneo points it to the sky. Under this cloud, Tsuneo can have Sayuri Yatagarasu smite an enemy in the clouds range with a whirlwind of solar plasma and radiation. Quick enemies may avoid the whirl, but it is hard to block. 2 turn cool down. (LOCKED)

Higasasu Kyūkōka'- Damage Calculations

SEI/HOH [average] difference Damage
5 or more greater than Tsuneo Low
2-4 greater than Tsuneo Mid
1 less, the same or 1 greater than Tsuneo High
2-5 less than Tsuneo Very High
6-8 less than Tsuneo Devastating
8 or more less than Tsuneo Lethal/KO

Third Ability: Sōru Kōsen (LOCKED) Edit

Name Sōru Kōsen  (巣籠光線 lit. Roost Ray)
Type Kaidō/Debuff
Cost Low
Range Mid

Sayuri Yatagarasu releases a large flash of Sunlight. This stuns the enemy based on SEI difference and prevents them form accurately attacking. Allies within Mid-range are healed by the light; the effectiveness of said healing is determined by Tsuneo's SEI compared the ally's REI.

Sōru Kōsen'- Enemy Effect Calculations

SEI difference Stun effect
5 or more greater than Tsuneo Barely stunned, but accuracy slightly lessened
2-4 greater than Tsuneo Stunned, but still able to block attacks. Very low accuracy.
1 less, the same or 1 greater than Tsuneo Completely stunned, can block weak attacks. Cannot until light fades.
2-5 less than Tsuneo Completely stunned for the whole turn. Can't block. No accuracy.
6+ less than Tsuneo Stunned for two turns. No accuracy, can't block.

Sōru Kōsen'- Ally Effect Calculations

SEI vs REI difference Stun effect
5 or more greater REI than Tsuneo's SEI Superficial Healing
2-4 greater REI than Tsuneo's SEI Healing minor external wounds
1 less, the same or 1 greater REI than Tsuneo's SEI Heals significant wounds and some basic internal damage.
2-5 less REI than Tsuneo's SEI Heals most major wounds and medium internal damage.
6+ less REI than Tsuneo's SEI Heals all external wounds and some major internal damage (and all medium).


Sayuri Amaterasu (小百合天照 lit. Orange Lily, Shining in Heaven) (LOCKED)

Other ItemsEdit

A crystal dropped by a member of the group that incinerated the district he grew up in. It contains faint traces of their reiatsu. Tsuneo has yet to identify who the reiatsu belongs to.


(+1){{{reiryoku bonus}}}(+2)(+2)(+1)
HAN 5 (+1)
SEI 6 (+2)
BUK 6 (+2)
HOH 5 (+1)
Base points 25
Earned 8 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 33


Interaction Cliff NotesEdit

  • Upon returning from training in the mountains, Tsuneo met Hotaru, Tokuji and Toga whilst walking around Seireitei. To apologise for scaring Hotaru, he bought her Dango and the two became friends.
  • Later that day, Tsuneo came to sit with Heiwa Yukimura. Unable to contain his excitement of meeting a member of the Yukimura clan, Tsuneo begged to able to spar with him and see his Zanpakuto. Upon sharing a meal; for which Tsuneo paid (but was generously gifted the sum of his tab by Heiwa secretly,) the two began to spar. Tsuneo was disorientated by Heiwa's fearsome Zanpakuto, but managed to connect one of the two Yomeidana he could muster in a single release. Heiwa was unscathed but required medical attention due to depleted reiatsu. Tsuneo sustained minor injuries. Tsuneo had a made a new friend.

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