Tamsin O'Neal
Status Active - Alive
Reddit Username Cheeseable
Personal Information
Race Shinigami
Birthday December 11th
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs.
Blood Type B-
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Professional Information
Base of Operations Seireitei
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Division None
Position None
Release Command All overtaken. Magic, Nullified. All is gone. What remains, Powerless.
Shikai Muryokude
Bankai none
Sealed Weapon Knife


Name: Tamsin O'Neal

Age: 42

D.O.B: December 11th

Race: Shinigami

Gender: Female

Blood Type: B-

Marital Status: Divorced


Height: 5'8"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Hair: Shoulder-length and black

Eyes: Blue with a gradient to red in the middle

Skin: Fair

Body type: Average, though slightly on the skinnier side

Tamsin wears a blue kimono, and a red jacket overtop (see picture).


Tamsin is incredibly cynical, foul-mouthed, and dislikes most spiritual beings. This is partially attributed to the fact that she doesn't believe she is dead, nor is the Seireitei is real. She doesn't feel the need to prove this (as she imagines the Seireitei is just a dream of some sort), but she is determined to get back to her "reality". She also feels like the left arm she has is not her own, as she had lost hers when alive. Tamsin's new left arm feels like a weakness and a liability to her, as she now has to account for it when she'd lived perfectly fine without it. Tamsin is also super jumpy. She cannot stand any sudden movements or loud noises as they cause her to figuratively stick to the ceiling.


  • Her house (in the World of the Living)
  • Her local library (in the World of the Living)
  • Her computer (in the World of the Living)
  • Independence
  • Not having a left arm


  • Overly happy people (anyone who isn't pessimistic like herself)
  • Forced teamwork
  • Compromise
  • Magic
  • People saying she's dead
  • Her left arm

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Muryokude (無力で, Powerless)Edit

Muryokude takes the form of a small knife when sealed, similar to a tanto, but without a tsuba (hilt guard). In shikai, the knife changes to a standard katana with tsuba, though the tsuba is plain.

Release command:

すべて 追い越し (Subete oikoshi)

魔法 無効 と なり (Mahō mukō to nari)

すべて なくなり (Subete nakunari)

残部 無力 と なった (Zanbu muryoku to natta)

Everything overtaken

Magic was nullified

Everything became nothing

Everything was made Powerless

Harasu (晴らす, Dispel)
Type Passive - Defensive/Utility
Cost Low, but proportional when used against stronger attacks
Range Melee

Harasu does as it's name suggests, it draws reiryoku into it and dispels it. This means that reiryoku-based ("energy") attacks can be dispelled if blocked by Tamsin's zanpakuto, and that reiryoku can be drawn out from Tamsin's opponent's when she cuts them. Harasu does such a thing by using Tamsin's energy, both her stamina and reiryoku pool.

Low level attacks (e.g. kido 1-29) can be dispelled with ease. Mid level attacks (kido 30-49) will be a medium cost. High level attacks (kido 50-69) will be a high cost. Extreme level attacks (kido 70+) will be extremely draining to Tamsin.

Inner WorldEdit

Tamsin's inner world is a small, cube, white room. The room has a rectangular metal table in the centre with a metal chair on each side, in the middle of the long sides of the table. There are two doors in the room, one behind each chair. The one behind Tamsin's chair is the one she enters and exits the inner world through. The one behind Muryokude's chair leads to and equally white room that is whatever size and contains whatever (white) objects Muryokude needs it to. Usually it serves as a training room.

Muryokude and his smile.

Tamsin's zanpakuto spirit, Muryokude, is slender-like in appearance. The figure is tall, wears a suit with black tie, and has white skin, but no distinct facial features save for a permanent grin. He is a comical type, and gets along with anyone who isn't a sourpuss. However, he is also strict and lawful, and does not tolerate Tamsin's swearing. Whenever she swears in his world, he locks her in there until she makes up for it, forcing her to be on her better behaviour in his presence. In exchange for his powers, Tamsin has had to admit he exists, though she views him as one sent to torment her. Muryokude views himself more as the polite and humourous side of Tamsin that she gave up when she became cynical.


(+1)(+3){{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}(+2){{{hoho bonus}}}
HAN 8 (+1)
REI 5 (+3)
BUK 8 (+2)
Base points 25
Earned 12 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 37



Tamsin initially lived a life as many humans do. She had a happy childhood, grew up, went to school, got a job, got married, and had kids. She was a happy soul, and loved to write all sorts of stories. Silly stories, funny stories, where everything worked out perfectly in the end. However, life is no fairytale, so tragedy was bound to strike her. Cancer in her left arm, her dominant arm, untreatable. Only amputation would stop it. And so, that arm was amputated, in order to save her life.

Some of Tamsin's friends say that all of her humour had been stored in her writing arm, for when it was cut off, she became very bitter. She wished to write her stories, but her right hand couldn't do it. Typing took ages. Many everyday actions for Tamsin, like chopping vegetables, washing her hands, or holding her kids, became difficult if not impossible. A sort of depression sunk over her, and it affected her family too. It came to the point where her husband divorced her, taking the kids with him as she wouldn't be able to support them. She lost her job, her friends became alienated. Some at this point would give in to their sorrow. Some would drink their cares away, or take it to a further extreme, but not Tamsin. The irony that the writer of happy endings would be denied her own by the loss of her writing arm was not lost on her. Truly, there was no such thing as a happy ending.

Out of some strange spite to those that left her, Tamsin trained herself to use her right arm. They felt she was dragging them down, and now she would rise above them. She'd become a writer again, but she'd never right a foolish story. There was no magic in anything, only harsh reality. She'd write real books, and become a bestseller. Then, while her friends would try to cling to her, she'd shove them away and stand at the top all by herself.

However, the world would not stand for it. Tamsin, in her rage, didn't check both ways before crossing the street one morning. Though the car didn't hit her, the fact that it was so sudden triggered a fatal heart attack for the jumpy Tamsin. A local shinigami on a routine cleansing mission quickly sent her of to Soul Society before she even awoke as a soul. Hence when she finally did awaken, she didn't believe it, for she knew she hadn't gotten hit by the car.

Since then, she joined the Academy, training to be a shinigami because she'd heard she could head back to the Human World.

Interaction Cliff NotesEdit

Cynical and pessimistic. Doesn't believe the Seireitei exists. Determined to return to her life when she was alive. Gives others shit and won't take shit unless it'll get her in serious trouble (ie: a Captain or Lieutenant who won't stand for it)

OC RelationshipsEdit

OC Name What your OC thinks of them
Raiden Kuromori Fuck that guy.
Char Shingen Dense, but not a complete cunt.
Shin Yoshida Fucking A, as in this guy's a dick.
Ichirou Katsumi A pathetic idiot. Otherwise meh.
Yano Kanami Someone she can relate to, possibly a friend.
Marju Raiki Arrogant whippersnapper who doesn't know what real life is like.
Everyone else They can eat shit.


Tamsin is loosely based on Stephen R. Donaldson's character Thomas Covenant.

Tamsin's face claim is Ryougi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai


  • A close up on Tamsin's unique eyes
  • Tamsin's patience wearing out
  • Tamsin bringing the hurt
  • Badassery under the moon
  • A rare smile from the pessimist


  • "I swear it'll be a fucking miracle if anyone ever finds a piece of shit resembling a brain in your head because your skull is just so fucking thick." -to Ichirou

Out of Character InfoEdit

Timezone is EST. I am a mod, so I will help with moddy things, but don't let me abuse my moddy powers.

Many will refer to me as "Sumiko" since that was my long-time character before the reboot.