Squad 1 (formerly known as Combat Guild) is a combat-based faction that resides in the Seireitei whose interests are in the Human Realm


Squad 1 consists of members who originally joined the Combat Guild. They are a group of people who intend to protect the human realm from large hollow attacks, attacks which are too big for a single person response. They spend their time in a barracks together, bought and furnished by Raiden originally for the guild, but it has been expanded upon now to include the Zero Squad hollow tracking sensors.

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Squad 1 is the response to severe circumstances in the Human Realm, when they occur. Having been gifted the Hollow Tracking sensors, they watch for hollow presence which isn't manageable by a single response. Their mission is to protect the humans from the Hollows but also to protect shinigami from the Hollows, should they run into trouble in the human realm. Their other roles have not been found yet, as they are still recruiting.


Previously known as the Combat Guild, led by Guildmaster Raiden Kuromori, they became known as Ichibantai when Raiden approached Zero Squad to attempt to acquire their hollow tracking equipment.

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