Rie Minori
Status Alive
Reddit Username Regret285
Personal Information
Race Soul - Shinigami
Birthday Oct 6
Gender Female
Height 5' 9" (175.26cm)
Weight 139 pounds (63 kgs)
Blood Type AB+
Family Hiroto Minori (†)

Tomiko Minori (†)

Yōshiro Minori

Sachiko Minori

Natsuko Minori

Kõsuke Minori

Alignment Neutral Good
Professional Information
Base of Operations Seireitei
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society
Division Grand Strategy Corps
Position Head of the Minori Family

Commander of the Grand Strategy Corps

Release Command Lay bare the secrets of Heaven, and reveal all the answers
Shikai Hōrōtenshi (放浪天使) (Wandering Angel)
Bankai Not Yet Achieved
Sealed Weapon An ornate chokutō (straight bladed katana)
Tsuba shape Outline of a closed bell flower that wraps around the hilt, adorned by 8 decorative bells

Rie Minori (利恵 実) Is a young female Shinigami and head of the Minori Family, a lower noble house. 


Name: Rie Minori

Nicknames: None

Age: Appears to be in early twenties

D.O.B: October 6th

Race: Shinigami

Gender: Female

Blood Type: AB+

Marital Status: Single


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 139 pounds

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Fair

Body type: Athletic

Rie appears to be in her early 20's, standing at 5'9" (175cm) and weighing in at 139 pounds (63 kilograms.) She has fair skin, long silky blonde hair that she tends to keep in a loose ponytail that runs halfway down her back and striking bright blue eyes. She's a woman with good posture and a well maintained body, a result of her being mindful to stay fit and very aware of how others perceive her. Her Shihakushō is slightly modified from the standard issue fatigues of the Gotei 13 and consists of a sleveless black kosode that covers her chest and wraps around her neck as well as a pair of black ankle-length, loose-fitting pants. She also wears a pair of black arm warmers that cover her forearms. On her feet, she sports classic white tabi socks with a pair of waraji (straw sandals). Occasionally, over her outfit, Rie wears a long, white jinbaori (coat) tied at the hip with a blue silk obi (sash) that's decorated with a paisley pattern and tied in a butterfly knot. She carries her Zanpakutō on her right hip for easy access.

When attending to family matters, Rie can be caught wearing a formal looking blue silk floral patterned furisode kimono (kimono with swinging sleeves) with her hair done up in a messy bun, held up with various kanzashi (hair ornaments) as she wears a pair of geta (wooden sandals) on her feet over white tabi socks. However, when Rie occasionally spends her time off in the lower districts of rukongai, she'll wear a simple, indigo jinbei (matching top and shorts) made of dyed cotton along with a pair of geta (wooden sandals) while keeping her hair in a messy bun, but without any kanzashi (hair ornaments). In both cases, she keeps her zanpakutō tied to her right hip. Her reiatsu is iridescent in coulor and when it's visible, it has a noticeable electricity like aesthetic property 


Rie's family swears that she has a gentle and caring side, but this facet of her personality is merely a rumour inside the walls of the Seireitei. Rie is only really known to be stone cold and pragmatic when acting as an officer of the Gotei 13. She has no qualms about making tough decisions in the heat of the moment and is an extremely confident individual. Her presence is often imposing and rarely is her authority challenged, even by her peers simply because of her iron will. She can however be lenient with the rules when she finds them to be wrong, meaning that for her, her personal sense of justice supercedes all others. She is an intelligent individual and very quick to catch on, but she does not actively search for new knowledge as it is not of much interest to her. She can be playful and even enjoys teasing those around her when she's off duty or taking it easy. This is however a side of her that's more likely to be seen by those who she's very close to rather than new acquaintances. She's a fair person and despite being outwardly cold, she's surprisingly approachable and open and very much enjoys the finer things in life as well as simply enjoying herself.


  • Meat
  • Neatness
  • Pomegranates
  • Swordplay
  • Afternoon naps
  • Beer
  • Cooking


  • Clutter
  • Mushrooms
  • Ceremonies
  • Disrespect


Pre Gotei 13

Rie was the first child born into the Minori Family, a lower noble house in the first district of North Rukongai that gained its wealth through trade and investment as well as the development of a banking system. From her birth, she was treated with praise and was given the name Rie (利恵 meaning value, blessing). Over time she was educated in proper etiquette and instilled with proper manners, however she found this incredibly boring and longed to play with other children that she often saw when her parents brought her along for travel to the lower districts to check on their businesses and investments. While the family was generally liked by the residents of the rukongai as they permitted for enterprising individuals to achieve wealth and growth, others were envious of their wealth and success. While Rie grew older, her parents gave birth to four other children, two boys and two girls. The family spent much time together and felt very few hardships as Rie grew up, never forced to experience hunger and often enjoying luxuries that were rarely permitted to others.

It was when Rie had turned about 15 that things something went wrong. She was bored as one of her tutors was droning on regarding something about calligraphy when she became aware of some kind of commotion outside. Much to the anger of her tutor, she left her room and headed out to see what all the fuss was about and she found that all the house keepers were looking all over the household frantically, calling out her youngest brother's name. She searched for her parents and learned through her mother's tears that the young boy had gone missing from his room and could not be found. Rie joined the search party to no avail. Two days went by and authorities had long since been contacted. Hired guards patrolled the homestead and provided protection wile searching for the young boy when a letter came, delivered by courier to the family. The boy had been kidnapped and a ransom was being demanded by the criminals who claimed to have him in their custody. The letter informed the parents that they were to both come alone to a warehouse in the 27th district with the equivalent of a million dollars. The parents, who just wanted their child back decided to pay the ransom and follow instructions. They said goodbye to Rie and her siblings as they left by carriage for the warehouse as soon as the funds to pay the ransom had been collected. they decided to not have the hired guards get involved in order to avoid complications, simply asking them to keep guard  of the rest of the family.

As night fell over the Soul Society, only a couple hours after the parents had departed, Rie did not want to simply sit by idly. She dawned an all black outfit and snuck out of her bedroom, leaving a note, and through her home, avoiding detection with the skills of a seasoned expert, as she headed for the armory. A lone man was guarding the door, but he was taken by surprise by a swift kick delivered by Rie before he fell to the floor with a soft thud. She entered the armory where she knew her family kept a weapon of great value, having overheard him speak of it a handful of times. There were several different weapons there, but only one of them was kept indide of a glass case, a lone katana. An asauchi obtained through several trades. She did not know the significance of the weapon, but figured that it would do the job of providing protection.

With her weapon in hand and knowing that time was of the essence if she wanted to catch up, she left the armory, apologising to the passed out guard and quickly scaling the walls of the manor and heading out with bag she had prepared. The trip was long, but she finally caught up to her parents, and followed from the treeline until they had reached the warehouse. As they went in, she scaled the sides and entered through a window near the roof to hide in the shadows, above the rafters. She watched the deal go down, as her father tossed a gang of five ruffians a large bag filled with notes while the young kidnapped boy cried out for his parents. One of the criminals tried to shut the kid up with a punch to the gut, an action that further fed the father's ire. He leaped towards the man, but was stopped short by two others who said something to him that Rie could not hear. Her father stood up as the two men drew out weapons. He took a step back to survey the area and reached into his sleeve, pulling out a tanto and preparing himself to fight. Rie heard him shout at her mother to get the boy and get out as he engaged the two men in front of him while the other three watched, one of them standing near the child. 

Rie's mother moved around the fight, running towards the young boy, only to be stopped by the man who was guarding him through the use of a swift backhand. Rie could see her father had little trouble handling himself against the two men, but soon the other two grabbed their weapons and began moving towards the battle. The man who had just knocked Rie's mother down went to pick her up and lifted her by her throat and getting a few close-fisted hits in before Rie jumped down from the rafters, asauchi in hand, onto the man, landing on his shoulders and cutting through his arms with the blade as she screamed for him to let go of her mother before he fell to the ground ad began bleeding out. It came as a surprise to everyone in the warehouse, but Rie's father used the chance to quickly dispatch the two men he had been fighting. Before any words could be exchanged, the last two kidnappers had split up, one of them headed for the father and the other came towards Rie, her brother, and her mother. The young boy ran over to his sister and hugged her leg, but this stopped her from being able to move out of the way as the man who was rushing for them targeted her. As he swung down his makeshift sword, Rie's mother got in the way of the blade, sacrificing herself to try to protect her children. The blade cut through her shoulder, down into her chest and she fell to the ground. Her father, who was already in bad shape from the attacks of the other men was distracted by this was caught off guard by the thug who managed to land a fatal blow, but not before he could do the same and both of them fell to the ground. The only people left standing in the warehouse were Rie, her little brother and the man who had just killed her mother. She had no choice but to keep fighting and she lifted her blade, pointed at the man, tears streaming down her face at the death of her parents and her little brother firmly latched onto her leg. The man, who now only wanted to take the money and leave didn't want to leave any witnesses stepped over the body of Rie's mother, heading for the two children while brandishing his weapon, but suddenly tripped as Rie's mother with the last ounce of her strength grabbed onto his foot, causing him to fall forward, impaling his throat on Rie's outstretched blade.

It wasn't until the next morning that the guards had arrived after having found Rie's note shortly after she left and launched pursuit. They found the young girl in a near catatonic state, sitting on the ground between her two parents, holding her sleeping younger brother in her arms. The two children were picked up and returned to their home in the first district, left in the hands of the family's loyal caretakers where Rie explained, with great difficulty, everything that had happened the last night to the law enforcement officials of the first district. They were satisfied and left. Ultimately the young boy would not remember any details of that night, having been too young, Rie's other siblings were simply told that their parents had been killed during the exchange and were spared the true details.

After the funeral, Rie spent nearly a year avoiding contact with anyone and only occasionally left her room while the world continued to go on around her. The family's assets were set to maintain themselves and the employees could see to it that things around the household continued the way they should. It was only during this one year of isolation that Rie felt a terrible pain in her stomach. At first she attributed it to sadness, but it wasn't long until she realized that she felt hunger, a sign that a soul has considerable reiryoku.

After about a year had passed, Rie had decided that she wouldn't let herself ever be so weak again and resolved to develop the ability to protect those who were important to her. She emerged from her isolation with a stronger will and used everything that she had learned previously to build a new front that she would show to the world. Many of family's retainers objected her decision to become a Shinigami, but despite having been nigh absent for a year, Rie managed to immediately command the respect of the entire household through her demeanor alone, knowing that she was now the head of her house and had the ultimate say in all matters gave her a confidence that very few would ever risk challenging. She handled her family affairs for several years, building up a reputation among nobles and throughout the better districts of Rukongai and ensuring that her siblings grew up well raised. When she heard news of the creation of the Shinigami academy, she immediately settled all her accounts as head of the Minori family, delegating responsibilities of running it to her younger brother, second in line for title of family head who was only slightly younger, but equally capable, however this process took quite some time.

Rie joined the Shinōreijutsuin after passing the entrance exam on her first try and graduated three years early, making up for the time she lost while arranging to leave her previous position, in time to be among the academy's first batch of graduates, seeing as the education she received as a child ended up being part of the curriculum of the academy. While she excelled in matters of physical skill and nearly all of her other classes, she wasn't too skilled in the area of Kidō, capable of casting basic spells accurately, but not reliably. She caused a bit of a stir before her graduation when she respectfully declined the zanpakutō offered by the academy, instead opting to use the blade that she had taken on the night she followed her parents as she had already developed her shikai outside of her training at the academy.

Joining the Gotei 13

The day of the graduation ceremony, Rie was standing among the rest of the academy's first graduates in the square as Squad 0 addressed them all. She managed to sneak her way out of alphabetical order and snuck to the front of the crowd

Rie met Hotaru Tachibana as she arrived late for the ceremony. after this, she went with her fellow Shinigami to help her set up her library. Not long after this even did she attend the Pink Flamingo Bar and Grill where she engaged in a drinking contest with several patrons and won after a dramatic escape.

Her first spar as a Shinigami was with Tokuji Tezuka who she managed to trump triumphantly. Unfortunately for her, her sparring partner found himself owing her dinner after an unfortunate accident. Two weeks later, she found herself waiting for her "date" where she once again met up with Hotaru Tachibana.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kidō practitioner: While not too fond of this method of combat, Rie is versed in kidō techniques and capable of using it somewhat effectively in combat, but do to her trouble using it reliably, she won't use it unless she has to. She has the capacity to use low level spells with a fair bit of reliability, but using anything above that without careful concentration is likely to result in a misfire.

Zanjutsu practitioner: Rie has great hand-eye coordination and dexterity leaving her more than capable of holding her own when using a bladed weapon. Unlike most Shinigami, her swordplay relies on acrobatics and fencing inspired techniques interspersed with hard hitting strikes while in combat, rather than traditional techniques.

Hakuda Practitioner: Her hakuda skills are on par with most and she's not short on physical strength, she enjoys hand to hand combat, but still prefers the use of weapons when it comes to close quarters combat.

Shunpō Practitioner: Having now practiced considerably with Shunpō, Rie has gained a good grasp over this technique, she is proficient enough to use it effectively in combat, supplementing it to her fighting style, and she is capable to cover large distances with high speed.

Zanpakutō - Hōrōtenshi (放浪天使) (Wandering Angel)

Inner WorldEdit

Rie's inner world is a strange place, it's a rather massive black dome illuminated by hundreds of Calder mobiles with glowing geometric shapes of a crystalline substance hanging from an indistinguishable ceiling dotted with what look to be shining stars. The only footholds in the dome are several pillars that extend from a kind of bottomless starry pit, the columns are all various colours and shapes and they occasionally move up and down like pistons. The Calder mobiles have been shown to occasionally shift their balance from side to side, which is usually accompanied by sounds of loud mechanical clanking. Within the dome, sound tends to reverberate a lot and despite the fact that light seems to be rather diffuse, everything in the dome is very easy to see, appearing rather bright. If it wan't already obvious Rie's inner world reflects a hidden, more childish, nature. Everything inside of the dome is completely destructible, but will always return to normal withing minutes of being destroyed. Hōrōtenshi herself only appears in the world when called upon, otherwise she's nowhere to be found.

Zanpakutō SpiritEdit

  • Hōrōtenshi
  • A Closeup of her Eye
  • A Full Body View

The spirit of Rie's zanpakutō resembles a female bodhisattva with pale white skin and flowing blueish hair. The sclera of her eyes is black and her irises are white. She wears red makeup, a red dress, a golden crown and golden jewelry. She also wears a green ribbon with bells on either end that floats around her arms as a kind of accessory. There are always two rings that float behind her which are heavily decorated with gold, white and red motifs. She's a very calm Zanpakutō spirit and is rather wise.However, she can get pretty jealous, stubborn and downright childish, but like all Zanpakutō, she is an extension of her Shinigami's soul and would not let anything dangerous happen to her.


Hōrōtenshi's Blade Form


In its sealed state, Hōrōtenshi takes the form of a one meter long chokutō with a silver blade that is straight and slim, with the tip ending in a slanted razor-like edge and an ornate 25 centimeter long hilt with a dual sided guard, shaped like a closed bell flower and adorned with eight small bells. The sheath of the zanpakutō is made of a silver coloured metal and is decorated with several gold plaques riveted to the silver and a couple sections of a red silk wrapping.

Shikai Edit

Release command: "Lay bare the secrets of Heaven."

When released, Hōrōtenshi's shape does not change at all. The only notable sign of release is that when Rie calls it's name, an iridescent blast of reiatsu extends around her in a 3 meter radius from her. This manifestation of spiritual pressure only provokes a small gust of wind and won't damage anyone or anything nearby.

Thirty Pounds of Penance - 懺悔の三十ポンド - Zange no San Jū Pondo

Thirty Pounds of Penance - 懺悔の三十ポンド - Zange no San Jū Pondo

Type Utility
Cost Low
Stat BUK
Range Contact

Activated by calling the ability's name or simply saying "Zange," when the ability is in use, Hōrōtenshi's blade no longer "cuts" anything, instead it passes through a target, whatever it may be and from anything that comes in contact with the blade emerges a 30 pound hexagonal prism shaped weight made of the same material as Hōrōtenshi. The weights can not be removed without removing whatever was cut by Hōrōtenshi, otherwise they will dematerialize when Rie wills them to be removed. 

To be clear, the weights do pass through the target and occupy the same space as the target does, but the appearance of the weights does not cause damage of any kind, nor do they impair the internal functions of whatever is hit. The weights only cause impairment in the way that thirty extra pounds of weight would to a target, possibly throwing them off balance, slowing them down and, depending on where the weights are, impeding movement.

Kegare - Misogi (穢れ - 禊 Defilement - Purification Ceremony)

Kegare - Misogi (穢れ - 禊 Defilement - Purification Ceremony)

Type Counter
Cost Medium
Stat SEI - BUK
Range Long

This ability breaks down into two parts. For the first part, Kegare, the blade of Rie’s Zanpakutō radiates a white hot glow before absorbing the energy from any incoming attack that it makes contact with.

For the second part, Misogi, Rie swings her Zankpakutō immediately after absorbing the energy of the attack and it produces an arc of liquid metal that flies towards a target. The attack is capable of causing cutting damage to most targets, but if it is stopped by something with a strong reiryoku concentration (i.e. Zanpakutō, Spirit weapon, Fullbring, Kidō, Ginto, Manipulation or Ability), the metal will instead splash over whatever blocked it, possibly resulting in burn damage if there’s someone behind the defense to get splashed.

The counter will only be successful if the attacking stat of the countered ability is below Rie’s SEI/BUK average + 4. This ability has a 4 turn cooldown and the toll it takes on Rie varies scales depending on the power of the attacking ability in relation to her own power.

Other ItemsEdit

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    A Neat Gift

    Rie was given a mask by Tokuji Tezuka to protect her identity during a bar brawl. She decided to keep it afterwords as a memento of the evening and because she likes the way it looks on her.
  • [At some point, Rie will collaborate with a scientifically inclined OC in order to create exploding armbands similar to those that Hisagi wears in the canon universe]


{{{hankou bonus}}}{{{reiryoku bonus}}}{{{hakuda bonus}}}{{{seijuu bonus}}}(+ 3)(+ 3)
HAN 10
REI 10
HAK 10
SEI 10
BUK 15 (+ 3)
HOH 15 (+ 3)
Base points 25
Earned 45 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 70


Interaction Cliff NotesEdit

  • Rie won't stand for people's bullshit.
  • She'll rarely turn down a spar
  • Depending on context, her personality will shift dramatically
    • She'll be very cold when on the job or working
    • She'll be friendly and open when she's enjoying some time off

OC RelationshipsEdit

OC Name What your OC thinks of them
Hotaru Tachibana Rie met Hotaru at the graduation ceremony after Hotaru arrived late. She finds Hotaru's timid attitude incredibly endearing and she reminds her of her family. She enjoys her company and considers her to be a close friend.
Chi She met Chi at the Pink Flamingo Bar and Grill and thinks he's too scrawny, but likes his attitude and how he handles himself.
Elerosse Rie believes Elerosse to be a nice guy, very friendly and a decent drinker. They met at the Pink Flamingo.
Miyami Rei Rie met Rei at the Pink Flamingo and they talked for a bit, she found Rei adorable and was happy to see how enthusiastically she drank.
Tokuji Tezuka She sparred with him once and was happy with the fight he put up, but she found the way that he treated the delicious foods she made (namely knocking it all on the floor) to be rather annoying and rude. After opening up to the man on a date, she found a new layer to his personality and while she's not interested romantically, she feels that she can consider him a friend.




"When you feel tears welling up, there's almost nothing you can do to stop them from flowing, but to be able to get it over with and quickly handle the sadness you're feeling... Well, there's nothing pathetic about that." - To Hotaru Tachibana to comfort her after she was beating up on herself for crying in front of Rie twice.

Out of Character InfoEdit

  • Played by reddit user /u/Regret285
  • Often called Tyler
  • Is a moderator
  • Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)
  • Sporadic hours of activity
    • Most usually active in the night