The Mimura Family Crest

The Mimura Family is a high class noble family situated in the first district of Rukongai. There are four royal families in the Seireitei and the Mimura clan is considered 'the unofficial fifth family" and introduce themselves as such.


The Mimura family is the closest a family can come to being one of the four royal families without actually being one. They are more wealthy than most of the actual royal families through their monopoly on mining in the Seireitei. They produce and manufacture 95% of the metals required in zanpakto construction and are not afraid to remind people of it. The metals that the Mimura family produces have a strong affinity for housing souls and as such are used in almost all asauchi. They are known for their questionable business practices and their distinct lack of morals when it comes to the treatment of those lower than them. The current head of the family, Takeo Mimura, is especially noted for his cruel disposition. Under his direction the family has even begun to resort to some shady worker contracts that border on slavery. Despite all this the Mimura family has continued to gain status as most of their ill gotten wealth is merely rumor and no one would dare speak out against them.



Heiress Edit

  • Izumi Mimura

Notable MembersEdit

  • Izumi Mimura (Heiress)
  • Takeo Mimura (Head)
  • Anko Mimura
  • Shinji Mimura


The Mimura Family is the Seireitei's primary source of metals. They are the ones who provide the raw materials, including special steel that makes all the top notch asauchi possible through a secret family method. Only the current Head and the House Blacksmith know the secret to creating this advanced steel.


The Mimura family history is shrouded in mystery through a combination of blackmail and bribery. They are widely regarded as the most power family not to be included in the royal four and though it cannot be proven, they may once have been among the four. Only the members of 0 Squad would be old enough to know the truth of their history as even the Heads of the family do not discuss their history often.


  • Current Heiress Izumi Mimura's zanpakto abilities use the Mimura family crest as their focal points.

Interaction Cliff Notes Edit

  • They are regarded as having a very shady past but it is not often spoken of
  • They are treated with the same respect as the four main royal families
  • Their clan symbol would be recognized universally

Out of Character Edit

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