The Gambler
LanceMarshall"Looks like my chances are lookin' pretty good today..."
Nickname Boss Man
Status Alive - Active
Reddit Username Lance_Marshall
Personal Information
Race Fullbringer
Birthday September 3rd
Gender Male
Height 6'4
Weight 196 lbs
Blood Type A+
Family Victoria Marshall - Sister
Alignment True Neutral
Professional Information
Base of Operations New York City
Affiliation The Collectors (Unofficial Member)

"Happy Endings" Casino & Hotel Chain

Red Crow (Temporary Partnership)

Position Heir
Fullbring  "Game & Watch"


Name: Lance Marshall

Nicknames: Boss Man

Age: 22

D.O.B: September the 3rd

Race: American

Gender: Male

Blood Type: A+

Marital Status: Single


Height: 6'4

Weight: 196 lbs

Hair: Black


Skin: Olive

Body type: Athletic

Lance is a tall young American man who stands at 6’4 and weighs 196 lbs. He’s a 22 year old with unkempt black hair, olive-skin, and occasionally a short goatee. Because he works at a casino, Lance frequently wears his work clothes or a semi-casual outfit. He’s usually seen wearing two gold earrings in each ear and a necklace around his neck. He also has a number of tattoos around his body and wears two watches on him at all times on his right arm.


Lance is a man that does what’s needed to make moolah. Being a heir to a chain of casinos, Lance was introduced to the world of deals and business since he was a youngun due to his father being the CEO of a worldwide casino chain. He sarcastic and indifferent and only really cares about what he has to do other than everyone else. He can be a bit of a greedy man and always has his eyes on the prize whether it be money, women, weapons, and etc. Even though he has a shady background, Lance is an honest man who will whatever it takes to protect his business and his partners. His two closest business partners being Brad and Mitchell as they have helped him repeatedly in the past with protecting his business. Lance is the type of guy that'll always hold up his end of the deal. He hates being cheated and double-crossed, anyone who has ever screwed him over will pay the price with their lives or someone they love. He doesn't like to play dirty like that but he will if he has to...


  • Making money
  • Spending money
  • Making deals with others
  • Taking risks and making gambles


  • Someone who can't hold up their end of the deal
  • Cheaters
  • Law Enforcement
  • Getting innocents involved

Personality Weaknesses Edit

Lance can be recklessly impulsive, paranoid, and dangerously obsessive in situations where he feels that he is at a huge disadvantage. It disrupts his level-headed thinking and causes him to make bad decisions because he’s under so much pressure.


[In Progress]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


"Game & Watch"Edit

Game & Watch are two watches (an analog and a digital) that he always wears, the analog is a old watch that was a gift from his grandmother and his analog was one he stole from a thug when he was younger. These watches are the source for his chance based ability and Lance has very little control over their draws. When activated, a hologram of a slot machine that's draws are voiced out by an excited, cliche anime female voice.

Type Utility/Summoning
Cost Low (1-5) Med (6-9) High (10)
Stat SEI
Range None

This ability allows Lance to randomly summon weapons numbered 1-10, the rule of this technique is that Lance must use the weapon for one turn before switching. He can only use ‘10’ in a situation where he knows he might die if he doesn’t use it otherwise.

1: Spiked Brass Knuckles

2: Dagger

3: Semi-automatic pistol

4: Longsword

5: Shotgun

6: Nodachi

7: Sickle and chain

8: Twin Uzis

9: Twin Hookswords

10: Arm-mounted Explosive Projectile Launcher

Name "BUST!!!"
Type Sealing
Cost Med
Stat SEI
Range Close

This is a sealing ability that allows Lance to seal both his and his opponents SE/REI based abilities for the next 5 turns (note: If he uses "WEAPON SLOTS!" prior to this, he can still use the selected weapon but can't conjure until the Bust! limit is up

Name "JACKPOT!!!"
Type Offensive
Cost High
Stat HAK
Range Close

Lance's Jackpot ability

Lance's most powerful ability. When using his bare hands or a close range weapon, Lance takes a deep breath and musters a great deal of focus and strength then releasing it as a kinetic ripple when he hits something. This force ripple is powerful and can do near fatal damage if the opponent's status is nearing a critical point, the ripple even more damaging to the body’s pressure points due to sensitivity. The ripple has the ability to break many bones in the body and damage a number of organs (the most damage is done if the opponent's HAN is -4 to his HAK, anything that goes further than -4 can be fatal if the opponent has taken enough damage). If the opponent blocks the strike with a weapon, then that opponent's weapon will be broken for the remainder of the fight. If the opponent's HAN is +3 to his HAK, then the most damage they will suffer is a number of minor lacerations across the front of their body (if he hits the front that is).


-5 to -7 HAN to his HAK: Attack will most likely completely cripple the opponent if not a fatal blow

-3 to -4 HAN to his HAK: Attack will most likely cripple most of the opponent/cause extensive damage to bones and even organ damage

-2 HAN to his HAK: Attack will most likely break a number of bones

-1 HAN to his HAK: Will cause a number of minor fractures and heavy bruising at beast

0 HAN to his HAK: Heavy damage is caused, opponent should be stunned from the blow for a bit

+1 HAN to his HAK: Damage still heavy but opponent can recover more quickly than above

+2 HAN to his HAK: Force ripple of the punch does moderate damage

+3 HAN to his HAK: Force ripple of the punch does lighter damage

+4 HAN to his HAK: The force ripple of the punch is ineffective


Name Shock Therapy
Type Offensive Stun
Cost (Out of Fullbring) Med
Cost (Using Fullbring) Med
Stat SEI
Range Close - Any (depending on conductible surfaces)
EKL 25-30

Using his own bio-electricity (with the help of other sources of electricity), Lance is able to use that electricity to electrocute and stun his opponents. This ability is much more powerful if his hand is in contact with the victim.

Name Hardening
Type Reinforcement
Cost (Out of Fullbring) Low - High (depending on object size)
Cost (Using Fullbring) Low - High (depending on object size)
Stat SEI
Range None
EKL 15-20

This ability allows Lance to use his Reiryoku to harden objects to the point where they make excellent weapons, he is also able to launch the hardened object at his opponent with an accelerated speed at his leisure).

Name Fuck Off
Type Offensive
Cost (Out of Fullbring) Low - Med
Cost (Using Fullbring) Low - Med
Stat SEI
Range Close - Med
EKL 30

This manipulation allows Lance to combine the forces of wind and gravity and fire a concussive blast from the palm of his hand to send his opponent or large objects (like a car) flying through the air. This ability is mainly used to build distance to give him time for his next move or to make an escape.


(+2)(+4){{{seijuu bonus}}}(+1)(+3)
HAN 10 (+2)
HAK 11 (+4)
BUK 11 (+1)
HOH 13 (+3)
Base points 30
Earned 28 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 58


Interaction Cliff NotesEdit

Lance is an approachable guy and he'll sometimes approach others, but he's a bit of both an asshole and a smartass. It's not that he does this purposely but because he's jaded by the people he works with, he sometimes forgets to turn on his filter. You can expect an insult from him in some point of the conversation.

OC RelationshipsEdit

OC Name What your OC thinks of them
Victoria Marshall Lance's older sister. Despite their rocky relationship, Victoria means the world to Lance and he's highly defensive of her. He often leaves her in the dark about his activities because he doesn't want her to get involved and potentially hurt.
Trish Wicka
Mitchell Ryder Lance's best friend and business partner. Despite Mitchell being mentally unstable, Lance still sees him as one of the most trustworthy people he knows and will back him up in a hurry.
Brad Bane An assassin Lance was forced to hire. Lance at first didn't like Brad at all because he hated Aeveen, eventually Brad gained Lance's trust and Lance even sees him a friend as well as a hired gun.
Aeveen Blake An annoying bitch who Lance can't stand the sight of, he'd sooner look a pile of elephant shit than her


Lance's main face claim is Jotaro Kujo from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders



Out of Character InfoEdit

Rper: Marth

OCs: Levialle, Aiku, Victoria, and Lance

Skype: KingMarth7

Reddit: /u/xBleachKill3rx

Timezone: Midwest U.S., Chicago

RP Details:

  • I do NOT reply to one-liners
  • I'm very lenient in my missions and don't care how they go, just as long as the given OCs actions are reasonable, the RPer is smart about how they RP, and everyone has fun with the formation of a story
  • I prefer not to receive half-assed replies
  • In RP fights I use soft stats, NOT hard
  • If you're in a thread with me, I'd prefer that you don't flake after one or two replies (a good way to get me to never RP with you again)
  • If you have a question, please shoot me a message on Skype or send me a Reddit PM

Gallery Edit

Lance's Random Weapon Selection from his "WEAPON SLOTS!!!" Ability