Kyuu is an Arrancar living in Hueco Mundo. She has a very limited vocabulary, often only allowing her the use of the onomatopea "kyuu."

The Omnivore
Nickname Kyuu, Mildly Autistic Arrancar
Status Alive
Reddit Username Kyuu_Arrancar
Personal Information
Race Hollow - Arrancar
Birthday October 31
Gender Female
Height 5'3" (157cm)
Weight 100lbs (45kg)
Blood Type AB+
Family None
Alignment True Neutral
Aspect of Death Starvation
Professional Information
Base of Operations Las Noches
Affiliation Arrancar Army of Las Noches
Previous Affiliation None
Position None
Number TBD
Espada None
Release Command *Sharp Inhalation*
Resurreccíon Kyuu
Sealed Weapon Cleaver Sword
Tsuba shape None


Name: Kyuu

Nicknames: Kyuu, Mildly Autistic Arrancar

Age: Looks to be in her late teens (actually less than a year old)

D.O.B: October 31

Race: Hollow - Arrancar

Gender: Female

Blood Type: Underweight

Marital Status: Single


Height: 5'3" (157cm)

Weight: 100lbs (45kg)

Hair: Light Teal

Eyes: Brown

Skin: White

Body type: Underweight

Kyuu is a noticeably underweight female Arrancar. She has unnaturally white skin and short light teal hair, cut into a bob. Kyuu has thin almond brown eyes, that seem rather vacant most of the time and pointy ears, she also appears to have a small mouth. Looking somewhat like an imp, she has green fur that covers her hands up to her wrists as well as her feet, midway up to her knees and her extremities end in a decidedly claw-like shape. She wears a very pale lavender coloured one piece skirt that covers her chest to midway down her thighs, held up by shoulder straps and fastened at the waist with a thin matching leather belt and choker. Remnants of her hollow mask appear as a pair of green spotted antlers sprouting from her head above two tuffs of pink fur.


Kyuu, for some reason, has an extremely restricted vocabulary, only capable of making the onomatopeia "kyuu" under normal circumstances. She is however capable of producing a handful of other weak vocalizations when her mood is extremely stimulated (i.e. very happy or very angry.) Most, if not all, of her communication is done non verbally through motions and actions as well as tonal indications. Other than this quirk, she also has much trouble recognizing other people's emotional states, unless they're incredibly obvious.

Kyuu is always hungry, no matter how much she eats, she can never get full, but she doesn't recognize this as a fact, due to her apparently limited capacity at introspection, and instead she just thinks she hasn't eaten enought yet. Feeding is almost always at the forefront of her mind and this is evident by her habit of trying to eat anything that comes accross her hands. Beyond this facet, there's not much to her personality other than a healthy curiousity, a childish playfulness and a surprising sweetness.


  • Eating
  • Praise


  • Hunger
  • Getting hurt


Human Life

Kyuu's life before becoming a Hollow was, in a word, tragic. She was born to a drug addict mother who had no idea who the father might be. While the infant was quickly conditioned not to cry, having learned that it would not result in more attention than staying silent, she was still fed with formula every other day until she gained teeth at which point, her switched her over to the cheaper alternative of table scraps. As her addiction worsened, the mere sight of her child drew nothing but ire from the mother, leading her to lock up the young child in a small, dirty and windowless room with little more than a thin blanket and a used mattress. She was only fed every couple of days, each time recieving no more than cold table scraps. She was fortunate that there was a leak in the roof that allowed enough rain water to seep in for her to occasionally find hydration. While these conditions were less than ideal, they were all she had ever seen and as such, she never protested them.

She grew up very much a feral child, her only interactions with another person were her bi-weekly feedings, and while this led to a slew of health and developmental problems, the girl managed to cling to life, however bleak it may have been. It was onle when the girl hit adolescence that one day the feedings didn't take place, but this wasn't too out of the ordinary, her mother often forgot her duties. But as several days passed without food, she grew more and more desperate, clawing at the door to the room for hours on end, until her fingers were bleeding. She had no way of knowing that her mother had overdosed on heroin only a dozen meters away from her. The young girl slowly starved to death in her dark room, unknown and unloved.


The girl could not differentiate life from death, she didn't know or understand these concepts, but she was instinctively scared by seeing her corpse lying in the ground, tied to her chest by a chain. However, her hunger was stronger than her fear, even in death she longed to be full. Smelling somethng in the air, she approached the door and to her surprise and shock, when she laid her hand on it, it passed through as though it was water. She left her room for the first time in her life. still attached to her corpse by an ethereal chain of fate.  She followed the smell that wafted through the air, it wasn't particularly appetizing, but it was essentially on par with everything else she'd eaten in her short life. As she got closer, the smell grew stronger, across several filthy rooms and a cramped hallway. As she passed throughte last door frame, she saw the woman who fed her, her mother, desperately trying to grab onto a corpse so rotten, it couldn't be differentiated from expired meat. The woman turned and saw her daughter, looking at her with blank eyes, just as dead as she was. She screamed and shouted at the girl, blaming her for everything, but the girl couldn't understand her language in the slightest. She approached the screaming woman, stepping through the rotten fluids that had seeped into the room's carpet and bit into her, prompting a violent reaction, but almost as though she was empowered be her hunger, she held down the hysterical woman and took bite after bite out of her screaming soul until nothing was left. 

As soon as she was done, she felt a strong burning in her chest and looked down. She saw her chain of fate rapidly encroaching, as though spurred by the act of soul cannibalization and as the encroachment stopped, a large hole appeared in her stomach and a mess of white liquid errupted from her eyes, ears, nose and mouth, covering her face and hardening into a mask. She had very rapidly become a Hollow.

As a Hollow

Having become no more than a ravenous Hollow, she acted on instinct and instinct alone, attacking all manner of souls, the living, the dead, other Hollows and when she came accross one, a Shinigami. Over time she gained the ability to travel to and from Hueco Mundo and used this to feed. Her constant hunger led her to eat more souls and thus grow more powerful at a much faster rate than other Hollows would. She reached the stage of Menos Grande, but did not stay as one for long, immediately feeding off the vast supply of the Menos Forest to become an Adjuchas, progressing faster than ever previously recorded.

As an Adjuchas, she became stronger, but also a greater target. She fought other Hollows endlessly, eating them one after another and at some point, her mask began to flake off and as she peeled away the pieces with her claws, her body changed into a human shape and her powers were sealed into a large blade appearing lodged in the sand in front of her.

As an Arrancar

Kyuu wandered the desert of Hueco Mundo hungrily, happening upon a group of Arrancar like her, rather than feeling compelled to eat them, she observed them curiously. [RP starts here.]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Zanjutsu Beginner: While Kyuu is very new at using her zanpakutō, she understands the basic concept and has the strength to use her bladed weapon efficiently.

Hakuda Practitioner: Kyuu is very adept at using her claws and her teeth to tear targets to shreds. Her hand to hand fighting skill relies heavily on instinct and while it's unrefined, it's incredibly effective.

Ultimate Omnivore: Kyuu can, and will, eat anything without damaging herself. From metal to magma, anything she ingests won't be able to cause damage to any part of her digestive track and will be digested rather efficiently. 

Zanpakutō - Kyuu

Kyuu's Zanpakutō

Kyuu's zanpakutō is a relatively large cleaver-like blade. It's sharp on one side and has a  sharp hook-like protrusion that runs perpendicular to the blade at the tip. The back side of the blade is mostly blunt, but has large serrations  near the base of the blade. The hilt is wrapped in brown leather for an improved grip. While the whole weapon is 1.25 meters long and considerably heavy, Kyuu doesn't have much difficulty wielding it singlehandedly or with both hands.

Most damage dealt with this weapon does not come from expert swordsmanship, rather the damage comes from the destructive force of a surprisingly strong girl swinging around avery heavy piece of metal.

Kyuu can also throw her blade at targets, but she's not very accurate. The only benefit to doing this is that she can hit a target from quite a distance away if her aim works out. 

Release command: *Sharp Inhalation*

Ressurecíon: KyuuEdit

Seeing as Kyuu doesn't say much else, her ressureccíon is released by her inhaling sharply. 

When her ressureccion is released, her zanpakutō turns a translucid black and turns viscous, quickly rushing over her body as an aura of bubbling red reiatsu emmanates from her. As all of this dissapates, Kyuu's eyes will glow a fierce red, her teeth and claws will have grown much sharper and her antlers will have begun glowing red. While these are minor external changes, the main physiological change happens to her mouth, which still looks the same, but becomes capable of stretching  as though her jaw was unhinged.


Kyuu's Ressureccion Begins


Red Eyes

Name Cannibalization
Type Offensive/Utility
Cost High
Stat SEI
Range Short

An Example of Cannibalization

To activate this ability Kyuu opens her mouth, breathes, in and takes a large bite, when this is done, a globe of space 2 meters in radius in front of her is “eaten” by Kyuu. Any matter in the targetted area that's not held together consciously by powerful reiryoku (essentially everything that's not an OC) is nearly instantly gruesomely torn apart and eaten by Kyuu.

Anything that has strong enough reiryoku will not get "eaten," but will instead be "bitten." Depending on the difference between Kyuu's SEI and the target's REI, the effect of the bite will vary. 

Damage is dealt as crushing damage having come from all directions of whatever is inside of the targetted area of the attack. 

Difference Effect
Target's REI above her SEI by 5 Likely superficial damage and bruising of soft tissue.
Target's REI between her SEI and her SEI + 5 Likely deep tissue damage and mild lacerations.
Target's REI equal to her SEI Likely deep tissue damage and severe lacerations, possible gouged flash.
Target's REI between her SEI and her SEI - 5 Likely fractured bones deep tissue damage, along with severe surface damage.
Target's REI below her SEI - 5 Likely broken bones and deep internal bleeding along with severe surface damage.

Rei Abilities:Edit

Ability Effect Cost Range


{{{hankou bonus}}}(+ 2)(+ 3)(+ 3){{{bukijuu bonus}}}(+ 2)
REI 4 (+ 2)
HAK 5 (+ 3)
SEI 6 (+ 3)
HOH 6 (+ 2)
Base points 25
Earned 6 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 31


Interaction Cliff NotesEdit

  • She's not very perceptive of other people's emotional states
  • Her limited vocabulary limits her to only really saying "Kyuu"
  • If you smell good, she may try to eat you.

OC RelationshipsEdit

OC Name What your OC thinks of them
Levialle Magosangre Smells like tart lilies. Doesn't look good to eat. Tastes good. Is nice.
Isabella Mora Smells like sweet ink. Looks tasty. Is overly affectionate, but Kyuu doesn't complain.
Valentino Rosa Smells like spice and citrus. Looks okay. Since she's only ever seen him with Isabella, she thinks he's like her due to transitive properties.


  • Faceclaim, name and ability based on "Q" from the anime [C] The Money and Soul of Possibility Control
  • She was intended to be an Arrancar in the previous RP, but I never got around to it.


  • "Kyuu!"
  • "Kyuu! Kyuu!"
  • "Kyuu?"
  • "Kyuu?"
  • "Kyuu."
  • "Kyuuuuuuu."

Out of Character InfoEdit

  • Played by reddit user /u/Kyuu_Arrancar
  • Often called Tyler
  • Is a moderator on another account
  • Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)
  • Sporadic hours of activity