Kenno Nai
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Status Alive
Reddit Username Kenno_Nai
Personal Information
Race Regular Soul
Birthday March 3rd
Gender Male
Height 5' 5"
Weight 130 pounds
Blood Type O
Family Unknown
Professional Information
Base of Operations Rukongai Hospitals
Affiliation Rukongai Medical Units, Soul Society


Name: Kenno Nai

Age: 183 years

D.O.B: March 3rd

Race: Regular soul

Gender: Male

Blood Type: O

Marital Status:


Kenno is 5 feet 5 inches tall. Despite his generally lanky and small build, there is a little bit of muscle that can be noticed on him if one looks closely enough. His black hair is unkempt and reaches down to the base of his neck. At first glance he has the features and general appearance of a young adult, but upon closer inspection the decades of wear and stress begin to manifest themselves as deep bags around his melancholy amber eyes and in a sickly undertone to his youthful features.

He wears a well-worn but clean robe that appears to be of a slightly higher quality than the garments of the other denizens of the Rukongai.


Kenno, above almost all else, detests violence and fighting because he believes that it only causes pain, suffering, and, ultimately, more fighting. Because of this, he stubbornly refuses to initiate himself into the vicious cycle of destruction.

The only stronger ideal ingrained in Kenno's mind than pacifism is the need to preserve life. No matter what the cost to himself, he will do his best to keep as many people from death as possible.

Kenno views the new organization of Shinigami with mixed emotions. On one hand he agrees with the principle of protecting innocent souls from those who seek to harm them, but his deep-set hatred for violence deters him from approving of a military organization, no matter how just their actions may be. As a result, Kenno refrained from becoming a Shinigami himself, but will not begrudge them his services if needed.


tl;dr: Kenno has worked in various clinics for all of his life.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

High Physical Strength: Kenno is exceptionally strong for his size, easily being able to lift and carry grown men and women over fairly long distances.

High Speed: Despite his lack of ability to use Shunpo, Kenno is generally on par with most shinigami in terms of speed without access to specialized Hoho techniques.

Advanced Medical Knowledge: Kenno has a vast reserve of medical understanding and knowledge, being able to perform life-saving operations with the limited tools available to him in the Rukongai.


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Base points 20
Earned 0 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 20


Interaction Cliff NotesEdit

Kenno never stops working on most occasions. If you try to interrupt his work or insult his values, he will not take kindly to it and likely ask you to leave. If you fight in front of him, he will likely also react scornfully. However, he does not look down on you even if he disapproves of your actions, so don't let this deter you from acting normally.

OC RelationshipsEdit

OC Name Relationship
Ritsuko Minamoto Former partners

Out of Character InfoEdit

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