Kainda Afolayan
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Nickname Kai
Status As alive as a demon consisting of broken souls can be
Reddit Username KaiTheDevil
Personal Information
Race Hollow - Arrancar
Birthday July 13
Gender Female
Height 171 cm
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Aspect of Death Vengeance
Professional Information
Base of Operations Hueco Mundo
Release Command Rip apart
Resurreccíon La Diablo
Sealed Weapon Huge motherfucking rifle


Full Name: Kainda Afolayan

Nicknames: Kai

Race: Arrancar

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Single


Height: 171 cm


Hair: Black and red

Eyes: Golden

Skin: Dark

Body type:

Kai is a young girl, looking to be around 18. She has black silky hair set up in a ponytail, with red streaks in it. She usually wears a black duster coat. She has jagged teeth, and her Hollow hole goes through her heart. She has a 2 meter long, fleshless tail with a blade on the end.


Kai is a very proud, very hostile person. She does not respect anyone but herself, and will not do anything for anyone, unless it helps her.


Shooting things


People who try to stop her


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kai can use her tail as a weapon.

Cero Ardiente

Kai can fire a compressed Cero from her gun. It is a small red bullet, which explodes like a regular Cero upon impact.


Kai's Zanpakuto takes the form of an oversized rifle, longer than she is tall. It fires reiatsu based bullets.

Release command: Rip apart, La Diablo!

Ressurecion: La Diablo (The Devil)Edit

In Ressurreccion, Kai's hair turns grey and her eyes looses their iris. Her tail doubles in size, and she grows four clawed arms that grow from her back, five meters in length. She has long razor sharp claws across her fingers, and her tongue grows longer and serpent like.

(Yes, I do know it's supposed to be El Diablo. It's just that Kai doesn't give a flying fuck.)

Name Rip
Type Offensive
Cost Medium
Stat HAK
Range Long

The arms on her back can extend in length, or increase in size. They can reach a length of 15 meters.

Rei Abilities:Edit

Ability Effect Cost Range

Other ItemsEdit

Sniper scope

There is a scope on top of her Zanpakuto, which can zoom into a distance of 5 km (Of course, this doesn't make it any easier to hit a target that's 5 km away, it only lets her see them).


+2+2+3{{{seijuu bonus}}}+3{{{hoho bonus}}}
HAN 5 +2
REI 3 +2
HAK 6 +3
BUK 4 +3
Base points 25
Earned {{{earned}}} (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 25


Interaction Cliff NotesEdit

OC RelationshipsEdit

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She is illiterate.

She is bisexual.


Out of Character InfoEdit