The Dancing Leaf
Status Alive
Reddit Username Hope_Kartikeya
Personal Information
Race Quincy
Birthday 20th Nov
Gender Female
Height 5'5
Weight 56kg
Blood Type O-
Family Samuel Kartikeya (Adoptive Brother)
Alignment Neutral Good
Professional Information
Base of Operations New York
Affiliation N/A


Name: Hope Kartikeya

Nicknames: Princess Wildfang (Sam's), Little Granny (Victoria's), Shortstack (Lance's)

Age: 19

D.O.B: November 20th

Race: Quincy

Gender: Female

Blood Type: O-

Marital Status: Single



A slightly younger Hope in her battle gear.

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 56kg

Hair: White/Grey

Eyes: Green/Blue

Skin: Light

Body type: Thin, Average height.

Not one to seem down, Hope is almost always smiling, even if it's only a gentle curl of her lip brought about by musing.

At the age of 19, Hope has grown to her full height of 5'5". Her skin and hair are both pailer than most’s, with her hair standing out especially with little to no pigmentation. Her eyes are a Greenish blue that changes hue slightly depending on the lighting. Over her left eye, she has a vertical scar from where she was slashed by a Hollow. She's also got a number of smaller scars on her legs, arms and torso.

She has completely lost any trace of her baby fat, she's even begun to develop a muscle tone from her training in both dance and combat. That being said, Hope’s still quite a slender girl, not really having all too much curve or distinction. Not that she minds in the slightest, all the better for her dancing and balance.

Hope has taken quite a liking to the colour green, often wearing green dresses, hoodies, shirts or jewelry. Although the one constant accessory she has is a platinum ring, inscribed with a pentagonal cross, on her left index finger, passed down from her Grandmother, to Kylar, to Kairi and then her. This ring also acts as her Quincy Cross, so will disappear whenever she wants to have her Katana out, which with Hope, is quite a lot. Often she'll just have them out and swinging around because she's bored at home or in private.

Around home or in most any situation, Hope will either be dressed in a light hoodie and trousers/shirts, or her dresses. The former combination tends to see more use in public, or when she doesn’t quite want people to know she still enjoys dressing up like a princess. Although when training or setting out to fight Hollows, Hope will done black body armor, black trousers, leather boots/gloves and a long green coat. The style is rather similar to that of her combat tutor, just with more colour and embellishment.

Personality Edit

Hope can seem... Distant, at first glance. She often likes to sail off into her own little world of fantasy, music and light where she can just relax and be content. She's much like her mother in the regard that she can't really think all too much about the future and what it might hold, she prefers to live in the moment, even if that moment just happens to be her drifting off into a daydream, dancing about or chatting to some stranger.

Because of this attitude, people are often first apprehensive around Hope. Not quite sure of the girl would run up to and hug them or completely ignore them and continue about her ponderings.

This isn't to say that Hope is harsh or forces distance upon others. She'll always be polite, open and friendly when given the chance. Meeting new people, making new friends and learning about them is really what she lives for. One vice in this area would be that if put in that situation gossip will be the first thing that touches her lips. All in good humor, but it's hard to shut her up when she gets going. Some might describe her as ditsy, but really Hope's just very keen on interaction and meeting new people. It's often off putting to most, but since it worked with Ian as kids, she hasn't really left the practice behind.

She loves to be creative, and to express this through as many mediums as possible. Whether that be her dance, drawing, or music. Inversely, she struggled immensely with thought based and logical tasks. Her marks in subjects such as mathematics and science are always well below par, and she only just scraped through high school with a massive amount of help in those areas from her brother, Sam. If it’s not something she enjoys doing, Hope will just ‘switch off’, and hardly pay any attention to the task at hand, rather preferring to just dream away the day.

The young Quincy has a tendency to bottle up her emotion, venting through exercise or her art helps, but not completely. She's experienced many a traumatic situation, but tends to let all of her regret, sadness and guilt build until she can no longer control it, and she breaks down for a bit.

Towards those she doesn't like, someone being cruel or someone scary, Hope will be incredibly... feisty. She'd never go openly looking for a fight, but she can be quite persistent and stubborn if the situation calls for it, much like her adoptive mother. If angry enough, she will even began to berate the unlucky person in one of the various languages she’s picked up, as a way of adding extra insult.

If forced to, in combat situations or the like, Hope can be serious. However more often than not, she'd just play with her foe, dancing around them, weaving through attacks and hardly doing anything to them. That is if it's not against Hollows. She detests killing, a viewpoint engraved into her by her adoptive father, Marcus. As such, she will only ever fight if she's forced to some how. Thankfully, her training with Sherner, Neomi and Marcus was substantial enough, that when forced to, she can put up a good fight. Hollows are the one exception though. They're the case where she has no mercy or hesitation when it comes to killing. After she watched them brutally murder innocents before her eyes on multiple occasions, she has no sympathy for them what so ever.


Hope was still inside the womb when her mother and twin brother were killed by an Arrancar. Had it not been for the quick response of paramedics and the surgeons that removed her via C-section, she wouldn’t have survived either. Overjoyed, Kylar, her father, took her home to their organization, but left soon after to hunt down the Arrancar for what he did. In that battle, the Hollow in her father's soul completely devoured whatever human part was left and he fell in before being able to deal the final blow. As such, Hope only ever got to spend those few hours with her birth father. All she remembers of him to this day is from old pictures and that which her adoptive parents told her.

Since that day, she was brought up by Marcus and Shinra, her godparents. Even after losing her mother and father before she could remember, Hope was still surrounded by a massive extended family who protected her. Aldo, her birth parent’s pet Wolf, didn't leave her side for a second after they’d passed and she always had Sam to play with when Shinra was otherwise occupied.

While she still went to a regular preschool, the residents of her father’s group effectively home schooled her in their various areas of expertise. Marcus trained her spiritually, Sherner physically and Shinra morally. From the age of five she began to play the piano found in one of the lounges and littered her walls with drawings of her family and friends. Through her developmental years she even learnt Ballet and various other forms of dance from Neomi Shukira, but never took part in any formal performances. Although the art did make sure she stayed fit and flexible, two attributes which now help her in close combat and define her flowing fighting style. A mix of Kylar's and Neomi's.

Hope was an incredibly happy and bubbly girl, willing to make friends with almost anyone, and incorporate them into her games. However, in that time, she was also haunted. The mass of Kylar's Hollow reiryoku took form after his death and stalked the child right throughout her development. At first it was just the classic fear of a ‘monster in the wardrobe’ or a ‘shadow under the bed’. No one really quite believed her that anything was wrong, so she would often retreat to the sanctuary of her parent’s graves. There, she could talk openly about how she was feeling, and imagined that they were able to reply and comfort her.

Near the age of seven, this being attacked her and Aldo, killing the Wolf in front of her, and cutting open her left eye. Yuukari, a Fullbringer at Xcution, was able to repare the sensory organ with her threads, but Hope still has a vertical scar over her eye to this day. After the events of that week, Hope became quite a bit more withdrawn, preferring to retreat into her own little world, away from what might harm her on the outside. She ceased to play as often, preferring to sit in the corner of the room and go to her happy place.

This continued for at least a year. The Hollow’s presence alienated most others from her, with people fearing they’d suffer the same fate as Aldo, should they try to get too close to her. She stayed out of school for the safety of the other children, and needed protection at all hours.

Unfortunately, this torment only escalated for poor Hope. The Hollow, wanting to take her soul as it’s own, killed her adoptive mother and assaulted her brother while they were away on a family trip. Were it not for her adoptive father using Letzt and his life to trap and destroy the demon, it would have most likely ended with none surviving.

Understandably, Hope was quite distraught after that. Only 8 and she’d lost two sets of parents. After that she and Sam were fostered by Neomi, both receiving a large amount of counseling and therapy. The organization her birth father helped to found disbanded with a lack of solid leadership and crumbled under the pressure it’d built for itself. The old mansion where Hope had once played Queen was left to collect dust.

For a good few years, Hope was highly medicated to help manage her depressive tendencies, all while her dance teacher attempted to get her back into the arts she used to love so much.

Eventually, she managed to put her childhood events behind her and got on with her life, spurred on by the wish to not let down the hopes her parents and loved ones had for her before they’d perished. Under Neomi’s tutelage, she picked back up her dancing and Quincy arts, even beginning to protect people in her town from the sparse Hollow attacks they received.

School proved to be a roadblock, but she managed to push past it and leave at the age of 17. By that point she was living with just her brother in a sizable apartment, just beginning to attend college to earn her conjoint degree in music and the fine arts.

Now she’s 19, still in university and working at Korusu’s cafe as a waitress. In the past two years she became far more involved in the spiritual ‘community’, even meeting a few Shinigami as she strove to exterminate the Hollows. She became friends with a few Fullbringers and Quincy, but vehemently opposed joining any sort of large group or ‘organization’ for fear of repeating the past.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hirenkyaku: Hope is able to manipulate the reshi particles around herself to allow her to move at a high speed, invisible to most who can't move like that themselves or aren't used to it. In extreme cases, she can make after images of herself to confuse opponents. Often she will use this in conjunction with her fluid fighting style, or threads, to defeat her foes.

Expert Swordswoman: From the training she received from Sherner, Hope has developed a sword style very similar to that of her father, albeit lacking the same precision and speed. She knows a couple of their eight techniques, but can only battle using one or two katana for now, not the multiple weapons Kylar and Sherner use. While lacking the diversity and power of her teacher, Hope is still incredibly proficient in the areas she has mastered.

Expert Markswoman: Although her training wasn't quite as rigorous as with her sword skills, Neomi did show Hope how to properly use a basic Quincy bow in battle. Even when moving at high speeds, or in odd positions, Hope is still surprisingly accurate with the weapon. Although, she does still tend to favor close combat over long range, despite being equally proficient in both.

Expert Close Combatant: Like with her training in the blade, Hope is also fairly proficient in general close combat, armed or not. Her agility is incredibly impressive for one her age, and combined with natural flexibility means that she can dodge a number of strikes, even while in awkward positions. This is mostly thanks to the training of both Sherner and Neomi, resulting in her dance like and graceful fighting style. She focuses on disabling and inconveniencing her opponents in most cases, but can cause a lot of damage quickly if she so wishes.

Multi-linguist: Being brought up with a native American and German for parents in a place where everyone speaks English, ensured that Hope picked up three of the languages by the time she was ten, able to at least speak fluently in each. She also learnt passable Spanish and Japanese during her High School years, but her spoken skills in both are rather weak.

Expert Pianist: She’s finished 8/8 grades on the instrument, and is now studying it at a university level.

Adept Dancer: Although she’s talented, Hope’s never sought formal teaching or competition for her dancing. Rather she just practiced it with Neomi whenever she gets a chance. While working with a former professional certain helps, most critics would say she lacks a lot of the necessary form and technical skill required to be considered an expert. Still, she teaches a small free ballet class to a group of young girls around the ages of five to eight.

Spirit WeaponEdit


Hope's spirit weapon (Advanced)

Her Quincy cross is less of a cross, and more a simple ring engraved with a five pointed star. It was passed down to the girl through her father's line and her mother, and had in the past served as the fullbring object for two Fullbringers, as well as an engagement ring. She wears it on her left index finger and it will glow white before her weapon is released.

Hope's spirit weapons are ornate Katana. They have hilts wrapped in a traditional green thread, and a white wisp of fabric hanging off the end. The blade is of traditional length and it has a Tsuba in the shape of a flower. When released the blade with glow white for a few seconds before fading to merely look like normal steel. Hope is able to create and wield two of these in a dancing style of her own, taken from Sherner and Neomi. She can also vary the length of these blades to suit what ever fighting style she needs, however she wouldn't even make them longer than the length which best suits her frame.

Soothing Blade Edit
Name Soothing Blade
Type Healing
Cost Low-Medium
Stat Sei
Range Close

Hope's katana will glow white, an effect of the composition of her blade’s reishi changing. The spirit particles will even trail it slightly if she's putting enough power into the technique. Whilst the blade is in this state, if she stabs, slashes or cuts the target in anyway with her weapon then they will feel a slight boost in their stamina and wounds around their body will start to seal up, slowly. This is from the energy within the reishi been given to her target and being used to boost stamina and heal their wounds faster, at the cost of Hope’s own reserves. If she cuts them multiple times on a spot where they are severely injured then the healing will be more concentrated, but also more of a cost to her.

Divine Threads Edit
Name Divine Threads
Type Utility/Bind
Cost Low-Medium
Stat Sei
Range N/A

By manipulating the reishi around her, Hope can form incredibly thin wires from her fingertips. When combined with Hope’s speed and agility, she makes expert use of them in battle. The most common of these uses being to being her opponents to objects such as trees and pillars, or merely wrapping them so their arms are restricted. To an extent, she can also maneuver them with her mind. Although this doesn’t mean she can stand still and have them be effective, it allows her to pull off feats she wouldn’t be able to do on a purely physical level.

Bond Breaker Edit
Name Bond Breaker
Type Utility/Attack
Cost Medium
Stat Sei
Range Close

Like with ‘Soothing Blade’, Hope can manipulate the properties of her spirit weapon. In this case, she separates the reishi at the edges and has it move about like a chainsaw, although the speed at which it does this means it merely seems to vibrate a bit. All in all, her blades basically become seele schneider, except with a curved shape and limited activation period. As such, they can cut through almost anything made of reishi by cutting the bonds with very little effort on Hope’s part. She'll use this ability to cause major damage to opponents who believe her to be unable to cut them, either due to the position, a barrier, or her strength.

Duality Edit
Name Duality
Type Form/Weapon Change
Cost N/A
Stat Sei
Range N/A

Whenever she has two Katana out, Hope has the option to put their hilts together and form a bow with the curved shape of the blades. This change removes a lot of her close combat utility in return for being able to attack from a range. All of her abilities also change in their delivery from slashes or her hands, to being tied into the arrows she fires. She can fire healing arrows, seele schneider arrows, or arrows with wire on the end in this attack mode.

Schrift (Epithet) Edit

Hope's epithet is B, standing for 'The Bloom'. In basic terms, it grants her the power to control the growth and energy of simple plant life. It also allows her to manipulate it to a certain degree, so that it can be used in combat, and in various cases out of combat. She can infuse whatever she creates from reishi/kishi with reiatsu, so that it damages/interacts with spiritual beings.

Branch Edit
Name Branch
Type Attacking Manipulation
Cost Low-High
Stat Sei
Range Short-Long

From a few stray seeds in the ground, or those she carries with her, Hope can replicate most any plant matter at an alarming rate. Whilst it grows, she can further manipulate it by causing cells in different parts of the plant to replicate/elongate at differing rates, however once she had formed something, she must branch off that structure to keep it 'moving'. If she makes a tree, then she can't have the tree get up and walk. In combat, this is used to manipulate plants to attack. She mainly uses wood because of it's natural strength, but it could also work in a number of other attacking scenarios. The fact that she's manipulating reishi and reiatsu to do all of this, means that what she creates is effective against spiritual beings. (e.g. while someone may be able to break a tree in half, they wouldn't be able to with Hope's unless their Hak really outclassed her Sei). General uses include: Impaling enemies on sharp wooden branches, moving at a high speed; Rushing a foe with a barrage of tree roots to blast them back; changing the terrain; Lashing out at someone with vines).

Spore [Locked] Edit
Name Spore
Type Status
Cost Med-High
Stat Sei
Range Short-Long

To use this ability, Hope will allow various plants to grow across the entire battlefield. A process which may take a number of turns. Once they have, she can make flower heads appear on them, which release a chemical to diffuse across the area she covered. If caught in it, depending on stat ratios, her opponent will become drowsy, have blurred vision, feel dizzy, feel lethargic, or just outright fall asleep. Effects last for as long as they're in the area, or at least 2 turns if they get out. Severity depends on how much reiatsu they have relative to Hope's control. (So up to the other RPers really, just don't be an ass)

Protect Edit
Name Protect
Type Barrier
Cost Med
Stat Sei
Range Short

This ability is rather basic, but something vital to Hope. With very short notice, she can cause a dome of incredibly tough plant matter to form up around her and/or her allies. It can be broken by very powerful attacks, but even then it'll still reduce the damage a bit.

Ecology Edit
Name Ecology
Type Heal/Drain
Cost Low-High
Stat Sei
Range N/A

This ability, is in essence, the transfer of energy from one system to another. The way Hope uses it, is to transfer the energy from living plants, to people, accelerating their healing process. Dramatically in some cases. It's effectiveness varies with both her Sei, and the amount of plant matter she has access to to draw energy from. In extreme cases, Hope can even shorten her life span, to heal normally fatal wounds, or resuscitate someone who's heart has stopped when normal methods would fail. The only way she'll discover the full extent of this power is if she is desperate enough to try. Technically, Hope could also use this process in reverse, to drain the energy from someone and give it to herself to heal, or just plants in the area. Cost is relative the the amount drained.



Hope in her eventual Vol.

After releasing this technique, a pillar of white light will envelop Hope completely for a few seconds. Gradually it will fade to finally reveal her to have grown longer hair with even less of a pigment. A number of angel wings form behind her, her clothing changes to a white outfit (seen right) and she gets a large halo above her head. In each hand she holds a glowing white blade.

Here, her flowing and graceful fighting style comes into it's own. Although a dress is not the best suited for battle, she's still able to move in and around enemies with relative ease, using her wings to help herself balance. It would almost seem like she would be gliding around the battlefield, through her use of dance and high speed techniques.

Vollstandig ability 1



Vollstandig ability 2



Other ItemsEdit



Name Volume (Tubes used) Effect Incantation Range
Vernichte 1 M Tube The user creates a reshi bow, in Hope's case through putting the two hilts of her swords together to make a bow. They then slot in a ginto and draw it back, firing out the ginto which will upon contact, explode outwards with the forced of multiple hand grenades. "Lose yourself in the wrath of battle - Vernichte!" Med-Long
Wolke 1 S Tube Creates a cloud of Reishi to cushion a fall or blow. It can also be used to propel one's self. "Tilt the goblet to the west - Wolke!" N/A
Fester Griff 1 S Tube Causes the opponent’s hand to clench into a fist unless their Rei is greater the Sei of the user. . Med
Trügerischer Nebel 2 S Tubes Creates a large cloud of mist similar to Bakudo 26 but blue "Dance in the fields of shadow - Trügerischer Nebel!" Med
Gottesschild 3 S Tubes or 1 M Tube Creates a shield in front of the user, comparable to Enkosen but created more efficiently "Bone and spirit, untie and reform - Gottesschild" N/A
Schleier 1 S Tube Shrouds the user in shadow making them effectively invisible in low light conditions . N/A
Pfähler 3 S Tubes or 1 M Tube Generates three reishi spikes in the air that launch at the opponent on command (Can launch one, two or all) remain for up to 3 turns. . Med-Long
Gritz 1 S Tube Surrounds an enemy in a film of reishi to hamper movement. It is a bind which encapsulates the target upon impact. They can break out of it if their Rei is 2 more than the thrower's Sei. . Med-Long
Welle 2 S Tubes Creates a wave of energy 10 meters wide, that launches at the opponent . Med
Pyramide 2 S Tubes Much like Springer, but accomplished with only 4 Schneider. Three in a triangle on the ground and the fourth directly above. Once the catalysts are added, a large explosion will fire upwards and engulf any within the pyramid and above. . Short
Engelsspeere 1 or 2 M tubes Causes a large wave of spikes to leap from the ground below the opponent. (Second tube adds a second wave after the first) . Med-Long
Wächter 1 small for short range or 2 small/1 medium for mid range. Thrown at ally to create massive shield that reduces damage taken by next attack from opponent by ½ at short range or ¼ at mid range. If Hope’s SEI is greater than the opponent, her ability barrier’s ability to block increases; if the SEI of the opponent is higher, then the barrier's effectiveness is reduced. Hope can use this ability on herself too. "Erupt forth holy light and shield the chosen from wicked reckoning - Wächter!" Short-Med


Hope is a 'High Level' Quincy, and as such has upper tier skill in regards to her attributes. Below, I've given her a 1-10 distribution for each stat. This doesn't represent her level relative to others, rather her own distribution of those skills.

Physical Defence=5

Magical Defence=5





Interaction Cliff NotesEdit

Hope is a friendly girl, but can seem odd or distant at first glance. She's got white hair, a small and slender build, and usually has a smile on her face. When meeting Hope, she's normally kind and open, but will make it quite clear if she doesn't like someone, and won't take any miss treatment laying down. She's good in a fight, but prefers to avoid conflict unless it's absolutely necessary. If one wants to, it is very easy to make a friend of Hope, but it's just as easy to make an enemy of her.

OC RelationshipsEdit

OC Name What your OC thinks of them
Samuel Kartikeya Having grown up together after their parents died, the two have come to develop the usual sibling love-hate relationship. They share a large apartment, but rarely see each other due to their bus schedules and varying work times. Still, Hope cares about her brother an awful lot (even if she won't show it). He's also the only one that she'll be completely lose all social graces around, so he sees both the lazy slob Hope and the girly princess Hope.
Johnny Park Johnny is a waiter a the cafe for spiritual people Hope currently works at. She got to know him by visiting the cafe often as a place to work on her art, and quickly befriended him over their little chats. She very much enjoys teasing Johnny when on their shift, but finds him pleasant company never the less.
Korusu Sairento Korusu is Hope's boss at the cafe. She doesn't know him very well personally, but respects him for what he does, the opportunities he's given her and how much effort he puts into the cafe. Overall her impression of him is good, and she's always happy to have friendly small talk with him.
Aaron Markel Hope and Aaron met in their first year of high school, but never became more than casual acquaintances until the beginning of university, when they both discovered they were spiritually aware. Hope and [name] soon became friends, with one of the main activities being Hope training him in combat.
Victoria Marshall Victoria, like Johnny, is one of Hope's coworkers at the cafe. Hope walks home with her after evening shifts, where they often chat about a number of topics. Hope and Victoria are rather close, both seeing each other as a person to vent to and as a shoulder to lean on. Neither has had much luck with non-spiritual friends, so Hope's glad that she's at least found one person she can call a 'bestie'.
Kanami Yano Kamami is a shinigami that Hope met while fighting a Hollow. She's Hope's only experience with Shinigami. Hope finds her a bit odd and distant, but thought she was nice overall. They see each other from time to time.
Adalbert von Weißenberg
Trish Wicka


  • Hope was only six at the end of the previous RP. This is a parallel version of her with an altered past.
  • Her face claim is Konpaku Youmu.
  • Her theme is [link here]
  • She's the daughter of my first OC.



Out of Character InfoEdit

Role Player: Kylar

Timezone: Auckland, New Zealand

Likes: Plotting development. Writing character stories. Reasonably detailed RP (Couple paragraphs)

Dislikes: Casual RP (Open parties, day to day threads, sparring), Non detailed RP (one liners)

Reddit: we7887

Skype: we7887