Status Alive... kinda
Personal Information
Race Arrancar
Birthday None
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 175lbs
Blood Type O+
Family None
Aspect of Death Humor
Professional Information
Release Command Grin Demon Sonreindo







General Edit

Name: Hiroko


Age: N/A


Race: Arrancar

Gender: Male

Blood Type: O+

Marital Status: Single

Appearance Edit

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 175lbs

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Yellow

Skin: Fair

Body type: Thinner

Hiroko is a odd arrancar, even after he changed into a full arrancar he seems to maintain a full mask. Some say that it may actually be a mask over his true face and mask, though none have seen under it, though what can always be seen is his yellow pupils and the dark black background surrounding them. His fighting style is very much one of in your face using powerful and quick strikes to try to end his fights as quickly as possible. He often wears a nice red suit and a top hat, making sure to be well dressed no matter the situation, though he has also been seen without his jacket when he is more relaxed or eating. He can also often be found with a young arrancar women he calls Zorra, she is actually his sealed sword that he brought to pseudo life using his main ability which is distortion. Odd side note he is actually left handed.



A young woman that follows Hiroko around, quite a quiet person. Though she has a very welcoming personality towards others in her own way. She is very attached to her Hiro, and the relation between them is still unknown but it is obvious that they are very close.

Personality Edit

Likes of Hiroko and Zorra Edit

Generally a very polite person in speaking, but he does have a bad habit of having a few weird tastes.

Dislikes Edit

Things that lack class and are not interesting... that is about it for now.



Hiroko without his mask (Still has only been seen by Zorra)








History Edit

Backstory! The good stuff.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Descorrer (Garganta) - 4 Rei - Close - Minimal - A technique used by Arrancar to travel between Hueco Mundo and the other worlds.
Cero - 7 Sei - Variable - Moderate - Fires a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target
Sonido - 7 Hoho - Under 1 Km - Minimal - Allows high speed movement over an area

Zanpakutō Edit

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Release command:

Grin Demon Soreindo

Ressurecion: Edit

His mask forms back across face wrapping smoothly to conform to him. His suit coat tails snare up behind his back and for into dark black wings.

Name Ahora me ves(Now you see me)
Type Distortion
Cost Time taken to use ability:

Small object takes no noticeable time.

Medium object will take up his attack move.

Large object and he will use his whole turn in a fight to change it.

Stat Sei
Range Close

Scaling with the size of the object he changes(Small-less than human sized/Medium-human size/High- Car sized or larger) Using this ability he can change almost anything into another object that he can then use.

The shadow of heretic by samouel-d4gdopb
LO629 OK edit copy 59255.1405379791.1280.1280
Heretic battle axe perspective view by samouel-d5zcx3i
629 manga classic revolver by blackdonner-d6bqq7l

Different forms of weapons that he can form.

Including throwing knives that he likes to use before he has to fight seriously.

All credit of this art to he does some great stuff.

Name Ahora no lo hace(Now you don't)
Type Shifting
Cost -Small cost for direct changes to his own form.

-Medium cost for if he is changing another person, also using it on another person would require their accent IC.

Stat Sei
Range Close

This ability is used to shape shift not only his own body but his reiatsu if required as well. This can be used in a fight, or also for IC actions with a utility use side of it as well.

In Combat it could only be used for partial change, such as merely a portion of his body compared to an entire body change. The change would be to weaponize his body in ways that would be unexpected by his opponents, such as his elbow becoming a blade as he swings it forwards to strike.

Out of Combat for IC uses he would have to be in direct contact with another person, with their accent, to change their form. The other utility use for out of combat is that he can change himself into another person almost completely. It would be limited by him not gaining the abilities of that person, instead gaining their look as well as the type of reiatsu for the duration of his change.


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Rei Abilities: Edit

Ability Effect Cost Range

Other Items Edit

Zorra is actually his sword that he has used distortion on to change its shape, in other words she is all of his sealed power, she would not actually have fighting potential because before a fight would start Hiroko would switch her form.


Statistics Edit

{{{hankou bonus}}}[+2] Segunda: 11(+4)[+1] Segunda: 18{{{seijuu bonus}}}(+4)[(+1] Segunda: 18(+2)[+6] Segunda: 18
REI 9 [+2] Segunda: 11
HAK 13 (+4)[+1] Segunda: 18
BUK 13 (+4)[(+1] Segunda: 18
HOH 10 (+2)[+6] Segunda: 18
Base points 25
Earned 31 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 56