Gunritsu Nagurikorosu
Nickname Gunner
Status Living
Reddit Username Kamishika_Kobushi
Personal Information
Race Shinigami
Birthday September 9
Gender Male
Height 6'3
Weight 220
Blood Type AB+
Family Father and Brother surviving
Alignment Chaotic Neutral (Leans Chaotic Evil)
Professional Information
Base of Operations Seireitei
Affiliation Seireitei, is not a member of a formal Squad
Release Command Tachinoboru Hakaisha Tendou
Shikai Yep
Bankai none
Sealed Weapon a small traditional tanto blade
Tsuba shape (the hilt pattern)


Height: 6'4

Weight: 220

Hair: Long, light color almost grey

Eyes: Nearly black

Skin: Middling tan

Body type: Muscular and lean

Gunner wears a Shihakusho. To mark him as a member of his family he’s attached a small pauldron (that provides no defensive bonus at all) to his left shoulder that bares the family crest. He wears two forearm bracers that really only serve as weights for his arms. When training with his father and brother he was forced to wear them to build up his arm and upper body strength, but now only does so out of habit. The weights are fairly pointless and don’t inhibit him at his current level. Gunner stores his Zanpakuto, a small traditional tanto blade, in his right boot because he doesn’t like to fight using a blade and it’s out of the way there.


Gunner is generally cavalier but he'll do virtually anything that seems fun, because it seems fun. More than anything, he wants to gain enough power to finally be able to take his brother and father down a peg or 10. Training with them when he was a child and growing up placed a fairly large chip on his shoulder, and someday he'll go back to show them that he's strong than any member of his family has ever been.

Gunner only joined the Shino Academy because he wanted to be able to fight using the abilities that these Shinigami had. He doesn't care about the balance, or arrancar, or hollow. Meta humans are nothing more than mutants as far as he's concerned. Any skill that can help him become stronger is on the list of things he wants to know, and any power that he can take is power he wants.


Fighting - Power - Having a good time - Spending a night out - Training - Virtually anything that can make him stronger.


His father - His brother - People that are too uptight - People that can't take a joke - People that try to force him to abide by their morals instead of his own.


Getting there.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Hakaisha Tendou (Destroyer of Heaven or Heavenly Destroyer

Inner WorldEdit

Gunner's inner world is a training facility. There is a large structure for meditation and various indoor training as well as a large courtyard. The various rooms inside are dedicated to particular forms of training, be it unarmed or weapon training.

Gunner stores his Zanpakuto, a small traditional tanto blade, in his right boot because he doesn’t like to fight using a blade and it’s out of the way there.

Release command:

☀ Tachinoboru Hakaisha Tendou (Rise up Heavenly Destroyer)

(Godly Fist) Kamishika Ken/Kobushi
Name Kamishika Ken
Type Melee
Cost Low (2 turn CD after discharge)
Stat Sei/Hak
Range         Melee

Using either his right or left hand Gunner concentrates reishi in the bladed section of his gauntlet near the elbow. After one turn charging the reishi the attack can be used, or held for up to 8 turns without discharging it. When striking an opponent Gunner releases the power he’d held there to propel his arm at greater speed than would normally be possible and increase the force of his punch.

If an opponent’s Han is higher than Gunner’s Hak/Sei he would take damage appropriate to the difference on the attacking hand, however the opponent would still experience the full force of the punch.

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{{{hankou bonus}}}[+1][+2]{{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}[+3]
REI 3 [+1]
HAK 6 [+2]
HOH 6 [+3]
Base points 25
Earned 1 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 26


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