Division Three

Symbol of Division Three


Division Three, also known as the Special Operations division, is a group of Shinigami who are willing to do what other will not, or cannot. The ultimate goal of the division is to inspire and promote teamwork and cooperation through combat. As such, Shinigami of Division Three will often find themselves working outside of the division with other divisions to achieve a common goal. Keeping with their moniker as the 'Special Operations', all members of the division are required to have unlocked their Shikai, and able to use it in a combat environment.

Notable MembersEdit

Captain: Ash Karyu

Lieutenant: Jeisen Seizon-sha

Third Seat: Atouk Ammolite

Other various NPCs

While there is no required dress as a shinigami of Division Three, most, if not all of the members of the division can be found wearing the typical garb of the Shinigami. A black Shihakusho, with brown open toed sandals. The exception to this rule being their captain, Ash Karyu, who wears a white haori, with the sleeves removed, over his Shihakusho, with the Kanji for three on the back inside of a black outlined diamond.

Both the Lieutenant and Captain wear bands around their arms denoting their rank in the appropriate Kanji.


The roles of Division three are rather bland. As their name suggest, they are the 'special forces' of the Seireitei, and as such are often found helping out other divisions where needed. While their main concern is consolidating a place of power to offer support, they do take on their own missions, which are more often than not life and death situations. A shinigami of Division Three must always be ready to die on a mission.


Division three was formed by the Shinigami Ash Karyu, who naturally, was made their captain shortly after its formation. His aim was to create a goal of like minded, and powered, individuals who were ready and willing to do the impossible. To take on the missions that other Shinigami couldn't, or wouldn't take on, not because they wanted to, but because it was their responsibility. On top of that, he wished to create a group to both inspire, and bring together, the separated and distant Shinigami.

Interaction cliff notesEdit

  • Division Three should be moderately well known, though, it is understandable for a Shinigami to have not heard of them. Though, the name of their Captain and Lieutenant should be at least vaguely known.

OOC NotesEdit

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  • Their emblem is the Ouroboros, or 'The serpent eating it's own tail'. This is a symbol for eternal life, and illustrates their "Never fail, never die" motto.
  • The rendition of it used by division three is from the popular anime "Fullmetal Alchemist"